Jean Paul Gaultier @ “Le Male” & “Le Beau Male”

Jean Paul Gaultier’s “Le Male” and “Le Beau Male” rise through the ranks to become captains in this Autumn 2014. From the deep blue torso-shaped “Le Male” bottle, dressed in a sailor’s jersey with golden stripes, emanates the attraction of power – the power of a born leader in full possession of his sensuality. Meanwhile, “Le Beau Male,” in his ice-blue and gold sailor’s jersey, embodies opposites; he’s a soft-hearted homme fatal who fully assumes his sex-appeal and chooses to (ab)use it! Like their ships, which they steer with a firm yet gentle hand, “Le Male” and “Le Beau Male” are willing to break the codes of seduction to experience new adventures.  Deep, intense and magnetic, the lacquered navy blue of the famous “Le Male” metal can is eye-catching. Engraved in gold letters, its name has the aura of a man who is freer than ever and leads his ship, crew and life exactly the way he wants.

With its ice-blue hue, the “Le Beau Male” metal can kindles desire. Like an invitation to dive into azure waters. Its name engraved in gold letters preludes the heightening of the senses. The wind rose proclaims their experience and independence. They fear neither the breaking waves nor the winds. No one knows their true intentions: the nautical chart sketched on their metal cans evokes a place near the Equator. With their ship, “Le Male” and “Le Beau Male” conquer the oceans. With their fragrance, they make bodies and hearts capsize. “Le Male” is now a captain but his new rank hasn’t diminished his affection for the faithful companion that has stuck to him like glue for the past nineteen years: a fougère fragrance blending freshness and sensuality around lavender and orange blossom enhanced by mint, voluptuous vanilla, sandalwood and amber. “Le Male” assumes this incredible marriage of passion and sensitivity with true panache. As for “Le Beau Male,” in every new bottle he opens, he reiterates his intention: to indulge in this freshness that makes men hot. An excessive dose of mint gives off an icy facet. Spiked with orange blossomlavender bursts in a cascade of sensual freshness. Clary sage accents give the fragrance a boost of fresh feeling. Sculpted with voluptuousness, the musks enhance a skin-caressing sensuality.