DELVAUX @ FW2014/15 Collection

DELVAUX FW2014/15 Collection inspired by the Arctic, snowy landscapes and northern lights, Delvaux’s new collection is pure, sensual and deeply refined. The oldest fine leather luxury goods house in the world, founded in 1829, treats its own heritage with irreverence, reworking its favorite styles to push them forward. 

With strong hues this season, ranging from Berry and Silver to Ice blue and Rosewood, the collection manages to be daring and smart, exploring new textures and powerful lines. Mastery of craft as well as an innate understanding of quality - define Delvaux’s bags and their intricacy. Using their technical skills to come up with unique results, the atelier’s artisans rise to the challenge of precious and rare skins, combining them in unusual ways.This season, treated furs, shearling and reflective leather are some of the finest materials used, evoking long frosty nights, extreme weather and splendors of the ice age.

For the first time in its history, Delvaux introduces a white buckle to adorn Le Brillant, its most iconic bag since 1958. This futuristic touch, evoking the world of 3D printing and contemporary design, is a key accent within the line, referencing the optimism of the 1960s, as well as Delvaux’s new retail concept, where white plays a predominant part. An all white Le Brillant has a dainty and immaculate charm, while the new buckle is used as a contrasting feature, enhancing the sleek and graphic edge of this new collection.

Reconciling polar opposites, Le Simplissime in Cadence Nude leather is embellished with a black buckle, emphasizing the house’s love of paradox. Monochrome effects are important within the range, particularly for Le Simplissime Boston Chantilly in Cadence Ice, presented with contrasting white leather piping. A similar approach defines Le Every D Hobo bag, a new sportier style with a signature D.

Mink, fox and shearling are some of the precious furs chosen this season, enhancing the tactile and wild feel of some of the bags. Hardware is unexpected and surprising, such as natural horn on Le Madame Safari, mixing three different skins with an effortless hand. Defined by innovative treatments and technical prowess, this collection is instantly desirable, underling Delvaux’s masterful and unconventional approach.