45R Opens @ IFC Mall

45R opens in IFC Mall recently with President Takahashi Shinji, Chief Operating Officer Nakashima Masaki and Executive Director (Designer) Inoue Yasumi along with other staff from Japan Headquarters to behold the unveiling of the newest boutique and to officiate the toasting ceremony.

High quality Japanese Cypress wood ‘Hinoki’ of Japanese architectural heritage is consistently used as the primary material for the interiors, from ceiling, walls to floors. These wood elements imitate the unique stage-like atmosphere of traditional performing arts of “Nougaku” and the signature R motif is also engraved on the wood. Apart from luxurious wooden features, an exquisite indigo pillar specially painted with Stucco Italiano techniques creating worn out effects resembles antique indigo products, marks the signature element of the brand, indigo blue.

Other than the signature style that focuses in nature and craftsmanship, the brand also offers a range of more contemporary and luxury products, whereas the minimalist unwashed denim are being used to create this season’s “Cruise Denim” line. Thus this new shopping destination also demonstrates this new elegant design concept.

45R is used to making lots of denim modeled after the American vintage versions, but now it also want to create more intellectual and luxurious denim, with a great balance of firmness and sophistication. 45R specially created soft and comfortable unwashed denim fabrics, matched with contemporary designs for our new Cruise Denim line.