CRUCIANI Debuts in Hong Kong New Boutiques Opening in Times Square & Harbour City LCX

CRUCIANI opens two new boutiques in Times Square & Harbour City LCX. Cruciani C bracelets, the 100% made-in-Italy macramé lace jewellery, has become a global fashion phenomenon with over 12 million pieces sold worldwide since its launch in 2011. The bracelets that have adorned the wrists of celebrities such as Beyoncé, David and Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, Jun-Ji-hyun and many more. Cruciani is synonymous with affordable luxury, or ‘luxury pop’ as some suggests, due to its prestigious history, excellent quality and affordable price. The new boutiques align impeccably with this concept, combining luxurious striped marble, creative Lucellino lamps with an extravagant use of red to create an exquisite yet energetic ambience. The design is inspired by pop art in a modern museum, showcasing the colourful bracelets as art works in the space, be they hung on the wall or perfectly fitted on carved slots in the marble.

The 892-square-feet new Cruciani boutique in Times Square offers over 400 styles and colours of bracelets, displayed orderly on a block of 8-meter long cloud white marble in the centre of the space. A vibrant range of Cruciani leather bags, available in carefree totes as well as elegant baguettes, impresses with its authentic Italian craftsmanship and lively colour palette. With these two brand new boutiques in Hong Kong, Cruciani is delighted to carry on with its 206 global openings scheduled for 2014, which will give the brand a network of 400 points of sale worldwide.