ANTEPRIMA FW2014/15 @ A Fine Silence Collection

ANTEPRIMA FW2014/15 A Fine Silence Collection is poetic. Bedazzled by the forte of knits. The surprise of wire cable vs the purity of the bonded. The extra fine vs the ultra chunky. The energetic vs the quiet.

Blend the shine and the matte, the soft and the hard. The loose, fitted, basic, intricate with soft womanly lines and modern manly elements.

Indulge in winter colors of bordeaux and forest, the essential black and shades of grey. Along with soothing whites and a splash of mustard yellow.

Delicate, feminine shoes in substantial squarish heels and constructed boxy bags in soft, refined leather. At Anteprima, Beauty Needs Not a Single Word.

 The elegant mid-sized hand bag from the latest collection comes in a rich deep purple that adds warmth and richness to complete any look. Its handy size & inner lining makes it a perfect everyday grab-and-go bag, and comes perfectly paired with a unique double zipper that enhances practicality and adds an interesting twist to a classic shape.