Roger Vivier @ Miss Viv Photo Exhibition

Roger Vivier’s Miss Viv’ handbag series has been hailed as a symbol of elegance, charm, and beauty Ever since its launch,. This year, the brand has selected renowned designer Ambra Medda to shoot Miss Viv’ fall winter campaign.

To celebrate in time with Miss Viv’ FW2014 series, Roger Vivier invited a group of modern Hong Kong women : Kathy ChowAmanda SChelsea ChauHelen Ma, and Jaime Ku participated in a special photoshoot  photographed by renowned local photographer Phoebe Wong, which paired with Ambra Medda’s campaign shoot for an exhibition at the Landmark in Central.

Miss Viv’ handbags are practical and beautiful- the ideal match for modern women. It is the perfect accessory for a simple outing or a luxury dinner. For the event, the exhibition was split into three sections: “Lively Morning”, “Energetic Afternoon”, and “Night Hours”, each assigned to a dedicated area, representing a busy day for the modern women.

As for the photos, Kathy Chow and Amanda S were respectively placed in the setting of a hair salon and a pastry shop, ready for the hustle and bustle of the day’s work. Elly Lam, meanwhile, spent her afternoon at a flower shop, while leading lady Carina Lau, in the “Night Hours” section, was preparing for a big night out at a dressing room.