AMENPAPA @ FW2014/15 Call Out Your Child Spirit Collection

A child’s spirit of adventure is courageous beyond measure!
A child’s energy for having fun is relentless beyond sanity!
A child’s frankness makes you laugh because it’s often so true!
A child’s forgetfulness ruins all your plans and you’ve nowhere to vent your anger!
A child’s never-ending ‘why’s’ often wears you out….
The child can deduce logic unfathomable to the most brilliant scientists,
and also have the most serious teachers roaring with laughter.
Research shows that on average a four year old child laughs 300 times a day,
in contrast, a forty year old man only laughs 4 times a day.
As we grow up, we gain more and more worries,
more experience, more fear, more pressure,
and at the same time, less laughter…

AMENPAPA FW2014/15 collection hungering for inspiration from the little children and to call out that sleeping child spirit of yours! 
The beautiful collages created by a bunch of bubbly kids are paired up with AMENPAPA’s campaign images as an advertisement layout. AMENAPAPA advertisements are in diptych format showcasing Fall Winter Theme: Call Our Your Child Spirit! One side is a collage created by kids, the other side is a body painted model image. The same child spirit but different interpretation.

Kids have a soft heart, they love to laugh out loud, cry out loud, all from the bottom of their heart, this direct expressive emotion, want to own it again?   “I will take away your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” Designs including neon sequin hearts and little popeyes heart…etc. The highlighted designs are the plastic v-neck collar joining the leather biker, flooding with multicolor beads inside the collar, just feels fun! 

<PLAY LIKE A KID Stickers> 
Kids love to mess around with stickers with no particular reason, no boundaries, and no rules. Just stick around! Fully integrate digital print effect. Rolling eyes stickers, ice cream stickers, kitties stickers, and colorful English alphabet stickers are printed over neoprene fabric.

<PLAY LIKE A KID Playful> 
A child’s energy for having fun is a powerful dose towards dullness and sorrow-ness! The greatest source of enjoyment of kids came from its unstoppable playfulness! A lot of game related element is used including game box, tetris and kid’s all-time favorite slogan, “Yay! Let’s Play!”.

A child’s spirit of adventure is courageous beyond measure! They are always fully charged by exploration and dreams. The collection own one of the most eye catching fluorescent colored rockets sweater and jacket! Also the lengthy “Dream like a kid” embroidery knit jacket is our top choice! 

<PRAY LIKE A KID-Letter to God>
Kid’s prayer is powerful because they’re bold, honest and direct!   Kids, “Dear God, Thank you for the baby brother but what I prayed for was a teddy bear.” The most playful design is a long tunic with a 3D foldable airplane, helps recalled our childhood memory of playing with paper airplanes. 

Don’t forget who you are! Are you a Good Boy or God’s Boy? Good Girl or God’s Girl? Neon yellow and black & white are the theme colors, heavily play with mesh fabric.

The design was inspired by Michelangelo’s famous fresco “Genesis”-Creation of Adam, AMENPAPA continue to show the strength to play with Historical religious painting. This is another great hit after our classic Last Supper collection.

<AFTER SUNDAY Work Wear Line> 
"AFTER SUNDAY"  means from Monday to Saturday!  You have a choice to face your Mondays with a bad mood; you can dress yourself up in positive energy,  cheering up for yourself and your teammates, and become the light of that little boring office.

Classic thorn pattern, thorn represent the sacrificial love. Thstory of animal boarding in pairs with God’s promise on Noah’s Ark. The story of Jesus fed 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fishes.

Neon sweater mesh jacket- Love keeps no record of wrong. The jacket is mixed with mesh fabric, feeling sporty and sexy! Double sided down-one sided is terry fleece, another side is laser candy wrap graphic pattern, reminiscent of the childhood memory of secretly saving up candy wrapper, watching the sparkle from laser paper under the blanket in dark!