ETRO @ FW2014/15 World of ETRO Ad Campaign

ETRO FW2014/15 World of ETRO Ad Campaign, the urban journey becomes a key concept this season, adding an imaginative element to a traditional, Italian tailoring on the legendary old silkroad.

Time is marked by the bustle of urban life. Streams of light frame passing moments, creating new icons bathed in glamour. A city scene plays with a balance of light and shade, illuminating each delicate design and shapely silhouette of the Etro FW2014/15 collections. 

A harmony of chromatic shades illustrate picturesque folk embellishments and splashes of timeless black and white hues. Such elements bring embroideries to life, combined with prints and textures that pay homage to the traditional Paisley and the classic English elegance that adds a Nordic twist to a southern concept. 

Cascades of fabric overlap amongst themselves; each accessory becomes an extension of the suit. Silhouettes take on a dynamic touch, creating a continuous metropolitan catwalk. 

In the end, the real protagonist of the story is the journey across different cultures, creating a fusion of contrasting influences and a balance of tradition and contemporary style.

Photographer: Mario Testino

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