PUREARTH Launches in Hong Kong at Kapok PMQ

PUREARTH debuts in Hong Kong at Kapok PMQ recently harnessing the potency of pure Himalayan plant oils, flowers and herbs, offering you ethical, wild harvested skincare and wellness from the Himalayas and seeks to foster a culture of conscious consumption.

Wild harvested, ethical beauty and wellness offering ancient Ayurvedic wisdom for a modern lifestyle. Purearth is born from a desire to reconnect with the Earth, promises purity as it is conscious of the fact that nearly 70% of what one applies onto their skin is absorbed into the bloodstream.

The safest sustainable skincare and wellbeing products found on the planet form the cornerstone of PUREARTH’s ethos. The products harness the potency of plants, flowers and herbs that are wild harvested or gathered at altitudes of over 7000 feet in the pristine Himalayas.

It believes in a holistic Ayurvedic approach to well being that draws on ancient wisdom for modern day needs. In the power of wild harvested, natural and organic ingredients, in their purest form in ethically conscious, fair trade, sustainably developed products made by people,
not factories.

It also supports fair trade not aid and believes a fair day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay, irrespective of gender, and is the first step towards empowerment and equality and in bio diversity and supports bio dynamic and organic farming methods.

The brand partners with micro-credit and women savings and self-help groups in the Himalayas, enabling marginalized producer groups to engage with urban markets on fair terms. Their purpose in doing so is to empower women through fair trade not aid.