Cherie Chung X agnès b. @ La Maison Sur L'Eau - To Hong Kong With Love Photo Exhibition

Cherie Chung X agnès b. La Maison Sur L'Eau joined hand by holding a <To Hong Kong With Love> Photo Exhibition at agnès b. RUE DE MARSEILLE @ K11 Art Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui by sharing the same affection of caring the society with the idea of “Give Love”. agnès b. also sees Hong Kong as a city full of love and passion, where people live with pride and happiness. The images Chung took transmit her devotion for the city and lead people to pay more attention to their homeland. The photos exhibition is under 2 core aspects – nature and city. Nature prelims the hidden beauty, serenity and tranquility of Hong Kong’s natural scenes; city exposes the carefree thus multifaceted city of Hong Kong.

This exhibition will display 51 photos (size 500x333mm to 2400x2400mm). Photos are taken in nature surroundings, alleys, markets, residential areas where Chung built feelings towards. 

"I am fortunate to have been born in Hong Kong and raised in a society under British colonial rule yet imbued with Chinese traditions and values. This unique background, as reflected in our politics and legal system and our respect for human rights, freedom of movement and gender equality, makes me an individual different from women in other Asian countries. When I was little, my mother took me to a place that I found mysterious.

It was a cross between an office and a corner store. There was no sign outside and the door was always firmly closed. In the 'office store', I often overheard the grown-ups talking about how hard life was for relatives living in Mainland China during the civil war. My mother lived frugally so she could stock up on cooking oil, rice, duvets, coats and clothes to send to her family back home through this channel. My vivid memory of Hong Kong in the 1960s and 70s makes me understand the meaning of Chinese character  for filial piety." Said Chung.

"To me, the English word ‘Love’ direct and spontaneous is even more appropriate. Friendship, romance, family affinity and the emotions we have for all things universal stem from love. Growing up in Hong Kong afforded me many opportunities to travel abroad. Whenever I fall in love with a place, I can always find a reason to linger, be it the exotic culture and landscape or simply the freedom I feel away from home.

 But in the end, I always come back to Hong Kong, to my work, to the people and things I care about. Only the word ‘Love’ can express the deep connection between me and the place where I was born. I hope to have captured the Hong Kong of this moment, here and now, through the images in this book. They may not be impressions people usually associate Hong Kong with but for me, they epitomize the place I love, the place I call home." Chung continued.

  Exhibition ends 16th October 2014

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