Berluti Designs A Candle With Cire Trudon

Berluti designs a candle with Cire Trudon conjures up the world of Berluti and its masculine essence. Cire Trudon brought its vast know-how to the task. The candle's woody, leathery scent conjures up the company's workshops, where the shoes that have made its name have been crafted since 1895.  Grapefruit, cinnamon and nutmeg top notes make for a subtle beginning, at once fresh and spicy. The heart notes distill leathery scents, with woody hints of vetiver. This refined fragrance calls to mind an aesthete with a taste for elegance and skilled craftsmanship.  The Berluti candle has been cast in a hand-cut crystal glass. This intricately-worked glass evokes the whisky glasses and muted atmosphere of an English gentlemen's club. It comes in three colours reminiscent of the patina on Berluti shoes: Tobacco, Racing Green and Saint Emilion. Once the candle has been used up, the glass becomes a decorative item that users can keep and collect, as timeless as the shoemaker's own collections. Cire Trudon has been renowned for its candle-making expertise since 1643. Formerly the royal candle manufacturer, it designed candles for the court and the largest parishes in France.  Its scented candles, which are made in its workshops in Normandy and composed of outstanding fragrances developed by expert perfumers, are renowned around the world.