ANNA SUI Autumn 2014 Base Makeup Collection

 ANNA SUI Autumn 2014 Collection Base Makeup will leave your skin irresistibly soft, poreless, and glowing. ANNA SUI Creamy Foundation Primer is chock-full of hydrating ingredients- just like a skincare beauty serum! Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate and other moisturizing ingredients expertly deliver moisture into skin. Additionally, Moist Fit Oil* blends into skin and plumps it up while Shield Oil** forms a moisture-retaining film and creates a moisture-trapping veil on the surface of the skin. Triple Water Soluble Polymer provides a thick & smooth sensation, helps skin retain moisture ,lends an amazing texture to this formula that refreshingly crushes on the skin’s surface, then spreads on like a smooth dream. Additionally, highly-moisturizing, phospholipid-treated Cover Powder blocks UV rays and creates a hydrating texture and finish. Trick Powder creates a soft-focus effect that blurs pores, a key ingredient in Anna Sui’s entire base makeup line, covers pores by reflecting light unevenly in multiple directions. At the same time, the combination of 2 different-sized particles in Pore Cover Powder ensures that any sized pore is properly hidden. Both of these powders yields a soft-focus effect that smoothes out pores and lines for beautifully translucent skin.

ANNA SUI Loose Powder Foundation is an abundance of ultra-fine Airy Powder allows this foundation to glide over skin like air for a light finish. Airy Powder also has a soft-focus effect. Combined with Anna Sui’s universal base makeup ingredient, Trick Powder, it leaves pores covered, lines softened, and bumps smoothed out for a porcelain finish. Additionally, the plate-like particles of Moisture Plate Powder & Sliding Powder create a thin, even veil over skin for a naturally glowing finish. Moisture Plate Powder, which consists of particles that have been coated with extremely moisturizing ingredients, leaves skin ultra-hydrated. Additionally, phospholipid-treated Cover Powder avoids the common pitfall of UV-blocking powders (dry & powdery) by coating each particle with oil. This results in a can’t-believe-it’s-powder moisturizing finish that sinks in like a second skin. Formulated with powders that have been coated with highly skin-compatible ingredients, this foundation fits skin like a glove and yields a long-lasting beautiful finish. Additionally, sebum-absorbing powder keeps sweat and oil at bay for a fresh, shine-free look.