MASSIMO DUTTI @ FW2014/15 Presentation

MASSIMO DUTTI FW2014/15 collection brings with it the purest essence of brand and wraps it in garments that are hard to forget. This time it’s not about urban versus casual style, but the right combination of both. 

The best to perform that style is, once again, the already ambassador of the brand: the photographer Mario Testino. His dedicated eye gets to unify the acting of four super models in the same shoot, and broadcast the personality of such a special actors, Sasha Pivovarova, Amanda Welsch, Shaun de Wet and Matthew Therry in the purest Massimo Dutti lifestyle.

The woman is urban and ultra-feminine. She wears maxi garments in soft fabrics such as silk or flannel. The masculine touch for her outfits is provided by extra sized coats or jacket suits. Accessories, as always, are the key to her sophistication.

The man consolidates his style opting for grey or beige palettes, enriched by subtle touches of ochre or indigo. The triumphant fusion of tailoring with casual can be seen in the balanced blend of suits with ankle boots, cashmere sweaters or waistcoats.

This season is definably all about colours, like beige, taupe soft grey, ochre, indigo or burgundy perfectly mixed with the lasted style prints like the camouflage or the gales check. And, of course, the maximum quality is needed, especially in the fabrics like the, wool flannel, cashmere or leather and fur, ththat are a total must and become a surprising combination with nylon garments.