Repetto @ FW2014 Revealing The Vintage Elegance of Dancers' Backstage Collection

Repetto FW2014 collection invites you to the backstage of a Beijing opera with the chic and clean collection that perpetuates the femininity and grace of dancers. Inspired by Beijing opera, the new collection adds a glamorous touch to a dancer’s wardrobe, highlighting the unique beauty with subtle details. The iconic midi tutu skirt is paired with a classic top, showcasing the gracefulness and ethereal charm.

Accentuating the feminine silhouette, the collection takes elegance to an elevated level through the premium fabrics and exceptional cut. Signature tutu skirts are adorned with a soft layer of translucent gauze or layered with different fabrics, completing the timeless look with a touch of street chic. The dancer-like elegance is also manifested in the evening dresses featuring the enchanting V neckline and exquisite gauze, which will complement every balletic move in the most sophisticated way. Another seasonal highlight is the short tutu skirt with paper-like texture in various colors, including Nenuphar, Encre de Chine and Noir, each showcasing a delicate charm.

The collection is further completed by the classic dress in the refreshing hue of Celeste, adorning the effortless style with a chic and timeless wardrobe. It complements the classic Noir with the seasonal hues of Celeste and Souris, as well as the vintage Nenuphar and mysterious Encre de Chine. The unique palette allows endless mixing-and-matching possibilities, letting the modern elegance shine through.

The new FW14 Leather Bags Collection manifests the exquisiteness and bright palette of the art. The new season sees the arrival of different distinctive styles, including Feminist, Movement, Elegance and Purity, showcasing the ethereal charm of great dancers. 

With premium calfskin and the Oriental-inspired red color, named Dragon, adorning stunning leather varieties, such as smooth leather and satin-effect leather. The delicate metal details and satin ribbons from classic ballet shoe complete the sophisticated look. The vintage hues of PaonNenupharEmpereur and Classique give the modern designs a charming twist.

The Etoile collection marries classic functional design with sophisticated glamour to reveal the elegant femininity. The creative Cabriole bag using the smooth Silk Calfskin features an interesting strap and can be worn as a backpack, shoulder bag or handbag. The seamless combination of luxury and versatility makes it the perfect choice for dancers and modern ladies. In addition to the removable leather strap, the versatile Sissonne bag also comes with the timeless leopard print, turning it into a dancer’s trendy wardrobe staple. The signature Arabesque bag amplifies the unique charm of simplicity and grace with the refreshing vintage shades of Paon and Nenuphar. New details like the longer handles and mini size bags are also introduced to highlight elegance and functionality at the same time. The dainty Manee exudes the girly French style with the cheerful shades of Empereur and Dragon.