agnès b. FW2014 FEMME & HOMME Collection

agnès b. FW2014 FEMME & HOMME collection Tribute to France and its local manufacturers, agnès b. Fall / Winter 2014 starts with emblematic colors found in national flag of France: blue, white and red. Combination of cocoon shapes mini-coats with mini dresses forms a spectrum of strong looks for this very French collection. Feminine casual chic silhouette is in place. Jeans are associated with shearling coats to  generate a jaunty sporty look. With the application of noble materials in sportswear, a contrasting effect is created. “Fabriqué en France” products such as Royal Mer striped jackets, are also highlighted in this story.

Different looks assembled in this Parisian story. Casual and chic looks in halftone fills the fall season. Color palette ranges from ochre to grey green through brown. Masculine straight coat shape is the essence of the story which softened up by details such as velvet collar or small round collar. Slightly textured material and discreet paisley prints marks a fitting finish in this story.

This winter, tweed is mostly offered in two-tone grey and brown color palette. Wide range of shapes, from mini to long length, are offered. The iconic trench is reinterpreted into a dress coat. Tweed is associated with knit jackets or long coats for less formal looks. Bustier dresses and underlined waist add a sense of urban feminine.

On top of the previous story, Tres Parisienne <Suite Point d’ironie> unveils a different side of Parisan Women. They are elegant and feminine, yet they can also be ROCK ones! Black and white play around with leather material for modern and stylish looks. With the use of woolen jersey and mohair, shapes and materials are soft and comfortable. Dresses are either short or above the knees to make a Parisian woman come into being.

Artist drawing and numeric prints are proposed in this story: « childish » Harmony Korine drawing and snowy landscape photo by Agnès b. are found on a jersey skirt for a mild winter. Printed on soft knitwear made by cotton, mohair and cashmere sweaters, color palette are mostly white and bluish-grey. Black and white generates a sense of pureness for this « junior » looks. White shirts are enhanced by new shoulder strapped short, skirt and pants. Just like tweed material, classic wool gabardine is usually used for tailored clothes which are reinterpreted for fluid and young looks.

Similar to the “Bleu Blanc Rouge” story, very strong and contrasting colors are adopted: black round collar with bright colored dress such as turquoise and red. The shapes are pure, dresses are short and mini. Materials like crepe back satin, merino, mohair generates a sense of chicness and warmth. Rock touch is essential in Agnès b. collections every season. This winter, it is illustrated through exclusive printed fabrics weaved in France. Animal prints are well-presented on jeans, perfecto and fancy fur jacket. Pairing the new "Rock" jacket with graphic stripes and the glittering Benoit Jammes artist tee-shirts further bring the rock silhouettes to the next level. agnès b. rock touch is also about attitude. More sophisticated looks such as damasked bustier dress and numeric prints are featured. Agnès also brings about the rock elements from 18th century. Special highlight lies on skirt « Pont des arts » with 12 padlocks hanging on top which gives free rein to your imagination.

Parisian evening silhouettes are simple and elegant this winter. The new coat shapes are vital in this story. They are worn with printed silk and very pure black jersey mini-dresses. Details play around bow, removable and pointed collars. Color palette is mostly around grey and beige. Fourreau dresses are offered here for elegant looks. Two particularly important numerics for two French major symbols: Eiffel Tower and Château de Versailles prints made a return in agnès b. roots.

In Homme collection, Adrien beau, a friend of agnès, marks the prologue of the season. He was the assistant stylist and plastics technician for John Galliano from 2006 til 2010. He first devoted himself to the theater as decorator, wardrobe master, actor and occasionally director. In 2009, “The Little Mermaids”, his first award winning short film marked the beginning of his career in film industry. As a script writer and a director, he brought the collection to a 19th century operetta-like atmosphere shown in the horror movies of the 60’s and 70’s. Mostly in narrow shape coats with high stand collar and rigid buttoned cuff, it adds a sense of dramatic touch to the kick off.

The City Dailywear  depicts a laid-back and casual chic silhouette comprising of tweed material suit, exclusive prints pullover, wool knitwear jacket, pants and woven coats. Matching with Japanese premium denim in burgundy hue and with the use of high-standard materials such as flannel, shearling and melton, a classy dandy walking down a metropolitan street is well imagined. Just replace a decant suit with “Blouson classe” in various shapes and materials such as merinos wool, grained leather or technical fabric. All plays around charcoal grey, dark blue, sardine grey color palette. Wool flannel herringbone coat matches with V-neck jumper in cotton cashmere and shirt printed with diamond shapes, along with trousers in velvet, frisky style is tailored. Sneaker is always a key in weekend. Not to miss out in this story is the exclusive Faguo tennis shoes customized by artist Jonone. Playful prints truly tune up the spirit.

Sophisticated French men cannot live without high quality Herringbone suits. In this story, high-standard Italian suiting material is adopted. High-end craft shirts in fine wool with double twisted yarn in blue, grey and burgundy shades conjured up a swanky look for office. Fitting with printed ties undoubtedly add extra dashing essence to the total look.

Get away from heaps of work, let’s have fun without formal business attire! Black items and slim pants made a highlight which instills a slight touch of rock n’ roll spirit to the collection. Black is associated as a color of boredom. However, Agnès rocks the hue by matching with her signature digital photoprints and artist artwork prints. To echo Tres Parisienne <Suite Point d’ironie> in Femme collection, Harmony Korine print also appears in Homme tee as a matchy items in this story.