GODIVA 2014 Chef Inspirations @ Saveurs du Monde Collection

GODIVA hosted a grand celebration to honour the global launch of the new GODIVA 2014 Chef Inspirations Saveurs du Monde CollectionThe Saveurs du Monde Collection is a world adventure in chocolate all in one box inspired by culinary arts and the latest global trends, four GODIVA Chef Chocolatiers from different regions joined hands and brought together years of expertise. Taking unique flavours from around the world namely Belgium, China, Africa, America, Brazil and Japan. The limited-edition collection is sure to thrill even the most sophisticated palates.

To enhance the rich, cultural mood of the exclusive collection, the venue was transformed into a shimmering travel adventure to the streets and corners of six different countries. Each area featured a special set up from a Speculoos speciality shop in the Grand Place, Belgium, the origin of GODIVA, to a local Chinese village backyard in a bamboo forest in Sichuan, a colourful Brazilian street backdrop with a dancing Samba girl, a beautiful safari sunset with tribal African drums and exotic tribal knitting art, a cosy New York lounge overlooking the city that never sleeps, and lastly, to a traditionally decorated Izakaya in Tokyo.


Each travel stop featured a fun experience that represented that country and its unique creative or culinary arts such as African tribal nail-art, panda chocolate lollipop making, Brazilian samba dance and delicious food tasting, including Belgian classic Speculoos, Japanese black sugar rice-cake and more.