BREMONT Hong Kong @ First Standalone Boutique Open Outside of London

BREMONT opens its first standalone Hong kong boutique outside of London in Central recently. Renowned for its timepieces that are “Tested Beyond Endurance” as well as their beautifully designed and quintessentially British boutiques.The British ambience and aviation-related decorative is seen throughout the two-story Boutique which spans an area of over 2,000 square feet and stands as a premium showcase for the brand in the region. Designed and decorated like its flagship store in Mayfair, London, which was crowned “Store Design of the Year” at the prestigious UK Retail Jewellery Awards 2013. The Bremont Hong Kong Boutique is made to “communicate the brand’s message and DNA to our consumers, as well as to help the brand become more visible in the market”, according to Giles English, Co-founder of Bremont. Being a stylish and modern brand like Bremont, the Boutique also makes good use of innovative technologies to portray the wonderful stories behind each watch that Bremont creates. Bremont is always seeking creativity and inspiration from different partnership projects with a wide variety of brands and personalities. On the upper level of the Bremont Hong Kong Boutique sits a stylish special edition Norton 961 Commando motorcycle with Bremont’s brand name on its fuel tank, a perfect example of Bremont’s collaboration with this famous British motorcycle brand. Bremont produced a limited edition Norton chronograph, which was based on this bike’s eye-catching styling. The upper level of the Boutique is designed to be a relaxing space for the brand to share its history and many stories with its devotees and friends. Customers can choose to rest on the comfortable sofas while listening to these amazing stories and savouring the pictures on display which demonstrate svome of Bremont’s brand partnerships as well as notable friends of the brand.

<Bremont Boeing Model 247> 
This unique timepieces that reflect Boeing’s extensive experience in advanced material research. The models are manufactured in two versions, the first being Custom 465® Stainless Steel. This double vacuum-melted, age-hardenable alloy was developed for the aerospace industry for superior strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. A second version uses Boeing aviation-grade Ti-64 titanium. Both feature the unique Bremont Trip-Tick case and their beautifully finished movements are suspended in Boeing blue decorated steel and rubber anti-shock mounts, exposed for all to see through the crystal case backs.

 The Bremont MB was designed to be quite simply the definitive British aviation chronometer. Tested and designed in conjunction with the iconic British aviation company 'Martin-Baker', three models available: the MBI, MBII and MBIII. The MBI is only available to those individuals who have ejected using an MB ejection seat and can be quickly identified by its red aluminium barrel. The movement is protected by an anti-magnetic Faraday cage and a specifically designed anti-shock case mount. The MB range had to withstand the same rigorous testing as the seats themselves. This included shock, vibration, temperature extremes, and salt-fog tests amongst others.

<ALT1-WT World Timer Watch>
 The wonderfully over-engineered Bremont World Timer, ALT1-WT, is one of the more intricate and military watches ever produced. Created for pilots and travellers the world over, it incorporates a complex, highly-finished dial. The Roto-Click® bezel enables the user to work out global time zones using the International landing location. And the adjustable 24-hour hand can display UTC or ‘Zulu’ time.

<Wright Flyer Limited Edition Watch>
The Limited Edition Bremont Wright Flyer new timepiece features some of the original fabric used on the 1903 Wright Flyer aircraft. Just as significantly, it showcases Bremont’s first ever in-house movement, the BWC/01, designed and developed in Britain. Many of its constituent parts have also been crafted at the company’s workshops in Henley-on-Thames. This unique project was only made possible by the Wright family’s passion for Bremont’s aviation heritage.

<Supermarine S2000>
 The Supermarine and S2000 are Bremont divers watches inspired by our aviation principles. Each maintains the Bremont DNA with an anti-magnetic Faraday cage encasing the beautifully finished chronometer-tested BE-36AE movement, as does the patented anti-shock case mount. The 45mm case of the S2000 has been re-engineered to withstand a depth of 2000 metres. Both cases also have an automatic helium escape value for professional diving requirements.

The eye-catching ejection seat showcases the brand’s passion for aviation and its close connection with Martin-Baker.The Bremont MB collection is a best-seller. A British firm which manufactures over 70% of the world’s ejection seats for the air forces. The MB watches have gone through the same extensive and rigorous testing programme as the ejection seats themselves. The ejection seat in the boutique is a vivid symbol of this proud partnership between these two British companies.

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