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With many Teppanyaki chains dominating most of the Japanese dining scenes these days by only offering average quality selection of meat and proficient culinary skills, finding a good one is often quite a challenge especially in Taipei. With ROBIN’S Teppanyaki in Regent Taipei you will not only be offered a higher quality selection of fresh produce, the meat and seafood are carefully chosen and will guarantee you more than just satisfying your hunger but also bring Teppanyaki to a higher dining value. Mylifestylenews writes.

Mind you, a good Teppanyaki restaurant is nothing compared to those road side vendor’s barbeque and don’t get us wrong, we love the authenticity and being able to blend yourself in with the local culture. Yet, the style of cooking differs from each other but to bring the best out of the fresh produce by demonstrating the cooking skill without much hidden agenda. And that takes lots of courage for such showmanship not to mention with years of training before standing up right and in front of all diners.

*The signature convivial Teppanyaki chef table 

The Regent group of hotels is always ready to indulge their guests with their fine dining Brasserie or Grill ever since the brand was introduced, regardless which Regent Hotel you chose. Our recent visit to the Regent Taipei Robin’s Teppanyaki is probably one of the best Teppanyaki meals that we have had in the last decade. Located on the 2F at the very far end annex of the hotel, ROBIN’S Teppanyaki is known for its nouveau Fusion French-style Teppanyaki but we don’t really buy the idea of such recognition by those connoisseurs who prefer such traditional Japanese culinary flair that being “fusionized”. Here you get to appreciate the top quality produce and ingredients being used, which leaves no doubt this gourmet Teppanyaki delivers a very high standard.

Watching the Chef cooking while awaiting your meal is a delight when it comes to enjoying a quality gourmet Teppanyaki in a convivial ambience. Not only is the ventilation superb - by avoiding the smoke getting in your Made-To-Order suit or evening dress - and yes, a smart casual dress code is required here. The interior brings with it a sophisticated modern vibe to match the understated refined milieu and the service is gracious and discreet. Here is our menu for the evening:

<French Onion Soup Au Gratin>
This is not quite what we were expected in a Teppanyaki restaurant and perhaps this is what proclaimed where the food is presented in a French style. Rich in taste and lots of caramelized onion dominates the palate. Don’t for get to allow the cheese crouton to soak into the soup before digging in.

<Pacific King Prawns & Canadian Scallop with Honey Mustard Sauce>
Lightly grilled King prawns and scallop offer you the freshest taste, served with a large asparagus as garnish and may we suggest to savor this dish with small bites one after another.

<Seasonal Organic Greens>
A mixture of fresh Roman lettuce, tomatoes and beetroots topped with assorted nuts in homemade vinaigrette sauce. A perfect palate cleanser before the most anticipated main course.

<Rib Eye Cap 170g with Half Pacific Rock Lobster>
The Lobster is served separately before the rib eye is presented. Beautifully cooked without damaging the springy flesh of the lobster and remaining juicy inside.

Top quality selection of meat at ROBIN'S Teppayaki

The rib eye is diced into small bite-size cubes with light seasoning to enjoy its tenderness of the meat. Served with deep fried garlic flakes, this is a must for any Teppanyaki meat dishes and the teppan grill green chili pepper and the freshly made horseradish sauce add additional kick to the rib eye.

<Classic Fried Rice>
It is always the best way to end with a good fried rice (served in small portion) at any teppanyaki meal. But this fried rice you would want more. Butter and oil are commonly used for teppan fried rice and the rice is ideally separated from each other for its fluffiness and not being too moist or too dry. This requires quite some culinary skills for such perfection. Topped with Sakura dried shrimps for a hint of saltiness and color, spring onion is also an important ingredient adding the aroma to the rice.

<Grilled Vegetables>
Lightly gilled mushroom, pumpkin and squash before dessert. Simplicity at its best!

<Pan Fried Banana>
We chose to have our dessert at Azie lounge to end our evening.  Ripe bananas are chosen and pan grilled to get the crispiness on the outside served with homemade vanilla ice cream.

*Classy interior in ROBIN'S Teppanyaki

The way to country’s heart is thorough its stomach. Whet your appetite and prepare your palette for some of the most extraordinary gourmet Teppanyaki that you would not be feeling sinful for finishing all courses prepared. For one hell of a Teppanyaki meal, this is what you would crave for.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 5/5

Premium meat selection

2F, 3, Lane 39, 
Section 2, Zhongshan North Road,
Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: +856 2 2521 5000 ext 3930

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