ANTEPRIMA AW2016 Collection

 ANTEPRIMA AW Collection is created for a woman of all seasons: Intelligent, Confident, Feminine and Joyful. Inspired by designer Izumi Ogino’s personal experiences, the brand has been dedicated to creating perfectly refined collections since debut, a collection that channel a woman's worldly sophistication, her understated passion for creativity and luxury, her unerring eye for beauty that refuses to be held back by artificial boundaries or cultural lines. 

The AW2016 collection is a fruitful synergy between essences of ANTEPRIMA and splashes of fashion elements inspired from late 60’s. It is a wardrobe for charismatic women blossoming like roses, women who are graceful, confident and full of strength at any time.

Jackie O, the undeniably impactful role model for modern women and also an everlasting fashion icon since 60’s, Anteprima has reinvented many of her fashion signatures from suiting, tie-neck blouses to accessories across the collection. Gloves, one of her favorite accessories, have also been revisited in wrist length to amp up the seasonal style.

Rose, the queen of flower which symbolizes romantic love and beauty, is key inspiration of the season, ranged from fabrics to motif. Brand statements such as knitwear and double cashmere are being rediscovered, feeling petal-like tenderness evoked from luxurious fabrics. The alluring flower is being transformed into sleek graphic motif with contemporary chic and widely adorned on sheer or flowy fine silk fabrics, looks lively when dancing along with body movements.

Statement monochrome color blended with contrasting bold retro delights from the 60s, such as sober green, sunny yellow and viola, to create the mood with a warm nostalgia touch. Fitted and structured silhouette keeps the look minimalistic, combined with a contrasting coordination – the sheer and the block, the shimmer and the matte, this collection further elevates the aesthetics and style of Anteprima.

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