COACH FW2016 Women Collection

 COACH FW2016 Women Collection is a ‘magpie' exploration of Americana, re-imagined for urban life. Ice hockey and team sport uniforms, refreshed and made personal with abstracted Varsity patches.

Reconfiguring symbols of toughness with femininity and nostalgia.

Splicing familiar American archetypes with the gentle charm and character that suggests a previous life.

Reassembling dream thrift finds with the eclecticism and juxtaposition of New York City style.

The beauty of leather and shearling in a rough and ready state, with stitch and seam exposed. The honesty of craft.

Re-contextualizing the familiar with low-fi take on craftsmanship, luxury and their traditional reference points. Re-setting for a new conversation,that could only be born of America.

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