Gucci New Gift Giving 2016 Window Designs

Gucci’s latest window-design concept for the Gift Giving 2016 campaign takes inspiration from the Gucci Garden. The series of Gothic window arches recall once again the distinctive architecture that characterised the Cruise 2017 fashion show venue, while the floral wallpaper provides for romantic and stylised feeling of the Gucci Garden.

Giant ants and snakes populate the space and play with the handbags, while roaring lion heads decorate the walls. All these elements combine harmoniously and continue to highlight the aesthetic motifs that define the House today.

Velvet tailor’s dummies serve as models for the clothing while accessories sit “centre stage” on benches with embroidered cushions or are displayed on shelves in the arched window spaces. The windows are colour-coded: pink for women's ready-to-wear and accessories; light blue for men's ready-to-wear and accessories; and green for unisex ready-to-wear and accessories. 

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