EMILIO PUCCI AW2016 Collection

 EMILIO PUCCI AW2016 Collection is about athleticism, velocity & dynamism. Intersecting geometries connect the past and the future, at the rhythm of metropolitan  speed. Slim Aaron's jet-set, in the interpretation of today. The Pucci codes get accelerated, addressing a Liberated body and liberating gestures.

Fuss-free clothing looks apt for skiing, or Mars-landing. Performance is a matter of surface, texture and line. The look is decisive and fast.

There is a constant play of proportions. BIG: generous coats, protective duvets, cropped blousons, intarsia sheepskin, masculine blazers. Zippered leggings, punto Roma jumpers, cocooning tops are a new take on the t-shirt. Second-skin jumpsuits and oversized ski jumpers make a statement. Alpine scenes, moonscapes, refracted archive geometries.

Full colors. Full patterns. Hints of imperfection: photocopy allover motifs, crinkled velvet and printed silk, raw cuts. Athletic bands define and accelerate the silhouette. Patchworks create visual accumulations on pleated skirts.  

Shoes are an off-kilter take on the mountain boot. Respectful of the past with a free mindset, the Pucci tribe runs fast, resolutely looking at the NOW.

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