The Gourmet Cheese Fest At Upper Modern Bistro

In celebration of Upper Modern Bistro’s two-year anniversary, the Upper team lead by Philipe Orrico, organized a Cheese Fest and other surprises! It was all about cheese, and Philipe brought Patrice Marchand over from France to introduce his new cheese creations:”La crème de Gros Lorrain” and “La Bouyguette”. Patrice comes from a long line of cheese affineurs with the family business going back to 1880, so they know what they are talking about and creating for the cheese lovers of the world.

The Upper already has a great selection of superbly aged cheeses that are lovingly served and described by the experts Jeremy and Gregoire, but Patrice was able to bring and introduce over 60 kinds of different cheeses from “Les Frères Marchand” (The Marchand Brothers). All cheese were available for purchase as well, so quite a special occasion to be able to enjoy cheeses that have never been introduced before in Hong Kong.

The highlights of the festival were the Mont d’or, which is a seasonal cheese only from Oct-Mar (so perfect timing) with Gewürztraminer wine added to give a different depth of flavour, the Bouyguette which is a soft, uncooked and unpasteurized goat milk cheese with a tender, creamy and herby flavor, and most importantly, the Gros Lorrain, for which the recipe was lost for a number of decades, but the family discovered a piece of paper hidden with the recipe and now can re-introduce this superb creamy textured but not too soft cheese to the world again.

Goats cheese from the Marchand's make specifically for the Japanese market that has wasabi in the centre, so not for everyone, but quite a pleasant surprise and to create a completely different flavor that goes melds two distinct ingredients beautifully together to create a taste sensation.

Since the launch of Upper Modern Bistro in October 2013, Philipe has been dedicated to creating food of top quality to Hong Kong diners, and he has the same ethos when it comes to cheese. The cheese festival weekend was an opportunity for him to thank all of the regular guests and to celebrate and enjoy the second anniversary together, as well as to allow Hong Kong to experience the incredible selections that Patrice Marchand brought with him that one could say are almost unparalleled by few other suppliers. Patrice also loves to inform his audience about the family history and share his families passion for such a wonderful food that could be considered a meal in itself. After all, some people do live for cheese!

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