PERNELLE FW2015 @ A Day In Italy Fashion Presentation

PERNELLE FW2015 “A Day in Italy” collection takes you for a day tour in Italy to experience the lovely corners in Italy. From the Italian style venue decorations to the authentic Italian delicacies prepared by Italian chefs with ingredients freshly aired from Italy, every detail brought guests into the daily life of Italians.

The venue was divided into indoor and outdoor. Outside the venue displayed the brand’s FW2015 advertisement shot in Milan, and at the entrance displayed the minimalist Signora Collection, the Anello Collection inspired by the ring of Saturn, the Alessandro Collection with pony hair-on and geometric patterns, and the practical and chic Nadia and Gianni Collections.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the sumptuous and nostalgic carriage drawn by a pair of pure white horses, on which the guests experienced the extravagance of European nobility. Behind the carriage was a huge backdrop of the brand’s advertisement shot in Milan’s Parco Sempione, featuring the Siberia-themed Cintura Collection and the Bohemian-themed Altalena.

Epicures were bound to be captivated by the fresh cooking ingredients in the restaurant and the traditional delicacies prepared by Italian chefs in the open kitchen. The brand’s Nobilta Collection for men, a simplistic and edgy collection inspired by Italian young nobility, was displayed on a long wooden table. The last stop of this journey to Italy was the Scilla, Annabella and Luna Collections, which are characterized by color blocking and patterns, set in front of exotic graphics and maps.

Italy boasts a history of rich art and culture, which is especially demonstrated by Italian artisans’ exquisite craftsmanship. It all began in 1936 with the launch of a small family-owned leather workshop in Milan. The workshop soon became esteemed in Europe for manufacturing sturdy and utilitarian leather products.

Inspired by the art of marble sculpting, the luxury brand PERNELLE was officially founded in 1976, aspiring to offer customers trendy, ornate and ever-lasting leather goods of exceptional quality. Once released, PERNELLE’s merchandise became an immediate sensation. PERNELLE represents elegance and robustness. Its unique products, incorporated with fashion-forward features, are well made and durable.

PERNELLE’s leather goods had won acclaim for their fashionable designs and top-notch quality. Having perfected the craft of leather tanning over generations, PERNELLE’s craftsmen are recognized to be more than capable of making leather accessories from various high-quality raw materials, including but not limited to horsehide, cowhide, suede and crocodile skin. 

Complemented with signature elements such as horsehair and metal buckles, PERNELLE’s products are excellent in both texture and overall design.

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