BIOTHERM HOMME @ Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream

In 2015, Biotherm Homme, 30 years a leader in men’s skincare, advances the anti-aging expertise of its most premium skincare range with the introduction of NEW Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream. Always pushing the boundaries of men’s grooming, new formula Force Supreme is a multi-corrective concentrated cream to act on all visible signs of aging. And restore shape, strength and youth appearance to men’s skin. Driving its performance is Biotherm Homme’s new technology, a tri-active multi-layers concentrate of NEW Youth Algae™ extract, Life Plankton™ and Pro-Xylane, to help reshape the skin layer by layer. Designed for the 40+ skincare user, as embodied by Bixente Lizarazu, this highly-charged formula comes in a non-sticky everyday cream texture that goes on light. Skin is instantly firmer and more even.

Think of skin like a building, with a fully functioning lift delivering essential nutrients all the way to the top. The early-to-mid forties are a biological turning point. Skin’s foundation is weakened, skin layer connections are destabilized and its surface is more vulnerable, causing multiple aging signs. Put simply, his skin is going places and not in a good way.  Aware of his changing face shape and a loss of resilience, the man of this demographic is concerned about multiple signs of aging. Time to step up routine maintenance to proper care. Biotherm Homme skin aging insight Biotherm Homme develops NEW Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream. Reshapes skin’s architecture at all levels, from lower part of the face to eye contour. Instantly skin surface is smoothed  The 2015 BIOTHERM HOMME SKIN AGING INNOVATION: New multi-layer technology, powered by Youth Algae™ extract. Key to Force Supreme’s reshaping action is Biotherm Homme’s breakthrough multi-layer technology, a 3-in-1 resurfacing, densifying and strengthening strategy that unites a team of 3 powerful ingredients: relaying to reconstruct the skin layer by layer.

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