Dolce&Gabbana FW2015/16 Men Collection

Dolce&Gabbana FW2015/16 Men Collection is all about The Family. No matter how, no matter when, no matter with who, no matter where, family is what maters the most in everyone's life.

This FW2015/16 collection, the designer duo honored their families that have always stood by them with a collection that underlined the point that blood is definitely thicker that fashion.

Love & family filled the air during this men fashion show with the curtains opened on eight real families posting in front of the backdrop stage.

Friends, colleagues and the extended family of the designers' from grandmothers to babies making up a "family portrait" tableau presented a collection filled with sentiment as well as style.

The images on the clothing featured other families, from Renaissance renditions of the Nativity to naive cartoons of the classic nuclear mum, dad, and two kids.

 Beside the expected beautifully tailored suits, lace, velvet or brushed wool and the luxe pony hair coats in shades of burgundy or green, came designs with more personal connotations.

In this celebration of family, the diversity of its modern variants was distinctly absent. Tops were printed with black and white family photos with #DGfamily hashtag stamped on the back on the collars.

 Gabbana insisted that he and Dolce stood for that modern family, which left a bit like dodge. Jackets came embellished with gilded crowns and bees while tops became walking statements of love with three dimensional messages such as : Amore per Sempre" and "Ti Volgio Tanto Bene" embroidered into the fabric.

 It is a total homage to the traditions that have been their own safe haven. Love isn't all you need, but it's a helluva help.

According to Gabbana :" Fashion's is a family too and the sense of continuity carried over into the collection." This time instead of picking a place - usually Sicily where their hometown was as a starting point but dug down deep and found their families to be a wealth of inspiration.

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