ESCADA @ FW2015 Tiny Dancer Capsule Collection

ESCADA FW2015 collection is homage to the great modern dancers of the 20th century.  Dance, the art of movement, demands extraordinary fabrics that are light, fluid and soft. Rich brocade, prints and the interplay of masculine and feminine are taking their cue from the period of the early 1900's, when modern dance was founded. Paying tribute to the dance inspiration of this collection, a new sculpture was crafted by hand by the famous artisans of Nymphenburg porcelain.  This delicate figure portrays a dancer stepping onto the stage in her ESCADA gown. The ‘Tiny Dancer’ figurine was produced in a very exclusive limited edition of 20 pieces worldwide, and is featured in the exclusive ESCADA capsule collection. Nymphenburg is the porcelain manufacturer of the Bavarian crown, founded in 1747.  ESCADA is proud of this new collaboration, which brings art and fashion together to create something exceptional and rare. The Tiny Dancer, which is numbered “8” (a lucky number in Chinese culture), has been allocated to Asia Pacific region. The Tiny Dancer​ is available for purchase at approximately EUR 2,500 and can also be engraved by request.

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