45R @ FW2015 Fashion Presentation

45R have always stayed true and loyal to beliefs towards the making of comfortable and timeless fashion pieces for everyday living. Inspired by the exceptionally wide ranged vision of horses, and the nomadic lifestyle associated with horses, the F/W2015 collection is named as “A life with horses”. 45R President Mr. Takahashi enjoys visiting antique markets during his business trips around the world. He believes every vintage item has a story behind which triggers his imagination and creativity. He once encountered one antique metal plate engraved with a horse motif in New York, its motif and rustic charm reminds him of the 45R values, thus comes the creation of this season’s collection.

One of the very first stores of 45R, Aoyama Tokyo flagship “Badou-R”, reflects how 45R values are related with horses. Badou-R’s “Ba” is the Japanese Kanji character of horse, whereas the whole name is the pronunciation of a Japanese saying meant by “The clothing in the journey on the Silk Road”.  People usually travel along the Silk Road by horses, thus to enjoy a unique and specular view from their horses’ back, allowing them to overlook the exquisite scenes of the skies, the rocks and the waters, in an all very different way. The free spirited yet loyal horses also are the best accompany for the nomads to ride on during the long and interesting journeys.

Besides, with the largest eyes among any land mammals, horses also possess the widest vision among all of them, with a near to perfect   350° visibility. This reminds Mr. Takahashi of the core values of 45R, prompts him to share the horses’ wide vision, to always see the bigger picture. Not only to create lasting items to be passed on in time, but to fulfill the one and only simple purpose in life – happiness and fulfilment.

45R explores its roots once again in this fall winter collection 2015, starting off with the lineup focusing on Indigo and Denim. One of the new fabrics Ai Velvet is specially created by brushed technique on pure cotton, they are then transformed into smooth velvety texture combined with hand dyed indigo tones. Due to the delicacy of the dyeing process, the dyeing portion is only limited to 2m of fabric each time.

The classic denim pieces preserve the infamous indigo dyeing techniques of 45R, with detailed washed effects to simulate the vintage accents. Details of bows, pleats and vintage buttons, further accentuate the elegance and sophistication of the classics, and add a splash of freshness to the collection. Military elements that are known by its masculinity are recreated by 45R with elegance. Manly camouflage transformed into a floral print with bright colour tones, and military raincoats are revised by new silhouettes and textures. Layered with stylish tweed pieces and knitwear, brings a new definition to traditional military wear.

45R offers a wide range of choices in different colour tones and silhouettes of down coats every winter. To substitute traditional feathers, 45R have chosen the unique patented fabric technology, Primaloft. With higher water and wind resistance, the equally light downs are more durable in the cold winters.

The first time for 45R to feature Mouton Fur products. Mouton Fur is a premium lambskin that can only be extracted from a whole piece of sheepskin with the fleece intact, retaining the original texture of the skin. They are then specially processed to resemble the density and radiance of sheared beaver or mink fur. Unlike calf leather’s low resistance of moisture, Mouton Fur is also a natural insulator that draws perspiration away from the fibers, enabling its water resistance uniqueness. Also, due to the nature of sheepskin, on top of its ultra-soft texture, the surface would never be crinkled, ensuring its durability and smooth appearance.

45R have chosen to use Mouton Fur from different regions to match with the designs, whereas womenswear featuring extra soft Spanish sheepskin and menswear featuring strong textured English sheepskin. This season’s Jacquard knitwear mainly features colourful ethnic prints, with mixed fabric made out of Alpaca, Merino wool and Scotland Wool. With Alpaca’s uniqueness in elasticity, Merino Wool’s softness and shininess and Scotland wool’s rustic charm, the pieces are made in Japan with combined efforts of the best materials to create the warmest and most comfortable knitwear.

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