Roger Vivier FW2015 Hong Kong Presentation

Roger Vivier FW2015 Hong Kong Presentation presents A black silhouette, ethereal blondness, with the tint of porcelain, the character of Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour incarnates the mysterious thread in the new Roger Vivier FW2015 collection. An impeccable daytime appearance with the handsome elegance of accessories impassioned with a sensual dizziness. Creative director Bruno Frisoni has introduced a new Belle Vivier court shoe. In black patent leather, it has a heel that starts very slim with a broad base, the Trumpet look, and has a very original, sharply designed buckle. The iconic Miss Viv' bag and thigh-high boots in stretch leather (a revival of one of the House's classics), complete this subtly audacious wardrobe. The collection plays on the variations of desire but is subdued; the elegance appears to be classic, but a stimulating sensuality shows through. From the fantasy of cinema world to a Parisian woman's dreams, the Roger Vivier collection reconciles opposites: feminine and masculine, fragile and solid, innovative and classic, sober and exciting, all at the same time... Some delicately sophisticated accessories to burn with passion!

The perfect black pump. The sober lines with sharp edges that give a shoe the sophisticated town look. Fitted with the new buckle with sharper lines and a more tapered look, Belle Vivier recalls those absolute silhouettes of the iconic Parisian women. When Catherine Deneuve walked on almost flat pumps, this new shoe soared several centimetres (10 and 7 cm versions). A more modern dizziness that is found in the new heel shape: the Trumpet. Inspired by Seventies trousers, it spreads out at the base while strictly maintaining gracefulness. Belle Vivier is the new emblem of daytime's beautiful women.

A softer version of the original bag, the Miss Viv' has a rectangular structure which gives it a more sporty sophistication. Its generous size has been designed for elegant, daytime town ladies. It retains the principle of the double flap while playing with colours and textures.  The matt leather mixes with the patent black, with the Buckle taking on the same dark patent colour. For colder weathers, Miss Viv' is wrapped in fox fur... The totally cosmopolitan bag.

<The Buckle>
It has always been part of Parisian sophistication, and since Bruno Frisoni's arrival, it has undergone many changes: never the same, always unique. For the winter 2015-16, the new version is more minimalist, the frame is thin and the edges sharp. Its look has never been so close to the original created by Roger Vivier. This buckle adorns the new Belle Vivier pump and the stretch thigh- high boots.

Easily worn for day and night, Stiletto Sphere is the signature shoe that proves elegance and sophistication. The precious ball of the Stiletto Sphere that usually coils up underneath the heel, this season assumes the right to the light and shows itself in cascades on the instep of a multi-strapped sandal. A pair of boots is adorned in Hoffman-style: a stretched buckle, superimposed with geometric effects.

This geometric, now emblematic, Roger Vivier line keeps reinventing itself. Studded, fringed, in sheep skin, or in printed mosaics, this line is developed around a new little, playful pouch, boots and ankle boots. Prismick also spreads its iconic geometry to an open-toe boot. Multi-coloured overlays play subtle games of colours and let the skin show through. Sensuality and fantasy combine with verve.

The Iconic Roger Vivier heel, with his playful “comma” signature, travels from boldly and fearlessly days to magical and vibrant nights.  This season Bruno Frisoni has imagined it on a minimalist pump and has adopted the evening vibes with a heel covered in strass or varnished in lively, neon colours.

In perfect symmetry with the extreme femininity of the collection, the flat shoes give a hint of the boy lurking in each of these elegant women. On the boots, derby shoes, thigh-high stretch boots, black and white, zips and rubber soles play games, moving the feminine towards the masculine. The shoes are decorated with glass crystals to scramble the message. Tomboy, yes, but very feminine.

The Roger Vivier evening clutches prove the excellence of the brand’s savoir-faire and craft. Precious embroideries, the finest of fabrics and materials and the hand-made element are all part of the emblematic and rich pochettes : Belle Vivier Pilgrim clutch, Boites de Nuit pochettes  and Enveloppes. Silks play with colourful crystals, golden sequences whisper a very subtle buckle design while vibrant shades of colours are matched with graphic patterns.

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