Luminox @ The Luminox 25th Anniversary 3050 Series

In celebration of its 25th Anniversary, Luminox releases the Luminox 25th Anniversary 3050 Series It is from a French proverb “It is the artist’s business to create sunshine when the sun fails” that we can endorse Luminox as the artist in the field of horology. The Latin word “lumi” means “light” while “nox” is “night”. As the name suggests, by exercising its powerful illumination technology, Luminox lives up to its aspiration in lighting up the darkness. Founded in 1989, Luminox was inspired by a self-powered illumination system which was later employed to the creation of watches and became Luminox’s exclusive patented LLT (Luminox Light Technology). The birth of a self-luminous watch relying on neither a battery nor external light source rocked the world and established Luminox as the rising star among military watches. LLT, the exclusive light technology of Luminox, requires neither energy nor an external light source nor a push of button to activate to perform long-lasting luminosity for 25 years even under extreme conditions, is more than a hundred times stronger than other traditional luminescent coating used on watches. Living up to its promise of “Always Visible”, Luminox watches are the best companions for all, whether or not you are a soldier or an explorer whose life and death decisions are to be made in a split second within extreme environments. In 1993, building on top of its patented LLT, Luminox developed the first military watch reserved for the U.S. Navy SEALs after 9 months of joint effort with RBMG, a company in Switzerland. The timepiece was a huge success for its high legibility facilitates soldiers to fulfill their mission under low light conditions. Thanks to its excellent functionality and down-to-earth design, this piece of professional military divers’ watch has helped Luminox to become an exclusive supplier for the U.S. Navy SEALs. By earning its reputation in the military watch arena, it is now working closely with numerous military groups worldwide, such as the United States Navy Sea, Air and Land (U.S. Navy SEALs), XCOR Space Expeditions, FBI, the national armies of Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, and more.

In celebration of its 25th birthday last year, Luminox presented the 25th Anniversary 3050 Series, inspired by the Navy SEAL Colormark collection. Featuring 200m water resistance, Colormark was once the exclusive timepiece for the U.S. Navy SEALs. Ever since it was developed in 1989 for delivery in 1990, Colormark has always been one of the brand’s best sought-after items. With the patented LLT, every watch is equipped with micro gas lights that can glow for 25 years without having to be charged by a light source nor driven by a battery nor pressing a button. These features conferring incredible readability enable the navy to work in complete darkness under the sea. Abandoning its past sober simplicity, the 25th Anniversary 3050 Series features a unique dial adorned with “25XXV” monogram design. Bold color combinations including black-and-white and gray-and-white highlight the vigor and energy delivered by this anniversary model. The best part is the ultra-lightweight carbon reinforced polycarbonate case which showcases an unparalleled mix of strength and portability.

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