PRADA & MIU MIU Dressed Madonna On Her Rebel Heart Tour

PRADA & MIU MIU made a special design collection for Madonna and her Rebel Heart tour.

For PRADA, a mix of check patterns in different sizes and colors define the outwear, which is marked by a silhouette enhancing the waist and by exaggerated shoulders recalling the 40s.

Coats and jackets are made of a checkered gabardine techno fabric embellished by inserts in contrasting leather, velvet details on the back of the collars and of the flaps.

The looks is completed by shorts in various models featuring a combination of checkers and stripes as well as ruffles and contrasting pipings. These shorts are worn over black trousers that make the silhouette even more appealing.

MIU MIU shoes which have been designed for Madonna and her dancers are inspired to different themes, strictly linked to the needs of the show. Each style is very different one to the other. An aggressive, sexy and modern esthetic is the main inspiration beyond the whole shoe collection.

Madonna wear Prada & Miu Miu performing on stage on her Rebel Heart Tour.

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