VIVIENNE TAM FW2014 @ The Beauty of DunHuang Collection

VIVIENNE TAM FW2014 The Beauty of DunHuang Collection is inspired by a well-kept memory of the hidden treasures of DunHuang, the gateway to the West, at the heart of the Silk Road and pays homage to one the most revered cultural heritage sites and art shrines in the world.

It celebrates the beauty of the cave murals and underscores the imperative of historic preservation. The exquisite, ancient frescoes are captured in the collection through digital prints and the artwork developed for them transcend time to be relevant today.

Earth tones of sepia, amethyst, carnelian, lapis lazuli, oxidized and jade green, sometimes interlaced with metallic gold and bronze, find expression in mixed textures of sheer lace, embroidery and embellishments that echo the unique patterns in the cave paintings.

 Inspired by the romantic and nostalgic feeling of the 70’s, showcasing culottes and bonded two-tone fabrics, lavish brocades, boiled wool, bouclé, and digitally printed sweaters.

Rendered in warm, soft fabrics or in comfortable hi-tech materials, the collection stands out in the pairing of feminine, soft and flowing silhouettes with structured pieces which reflects the feeling of freedom from experiencing all that is DunHuang.

The handbags that complement the collection are also inspired by the intricate patterns and deep colors art spanning the massive caves in DunHuang.

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