Tina's Choice @ FW2014 Collection

Tina's Choice FW2014 Collection continues to showcase a vast selection of local and international brands. Carefully selected by Tina with years of styling experience, the designs are full of positive energy, stunning details of fun, wit and visual appeal. This collection delivers a sense of refreshing vitality to the new season.

Tina has especially hand-picked various brands of different styles for Tina's Choice @ PMQ including Piti, Claire Naa, Taratata (selected series) and Nat-Mad. These brands are exclusive to the PMQ pop-up shop. This location will also offer Tina's Choice debut Elegance Collection and local brand, Day Dream Nation's selected designs. Tina has always appreciated local designers and continues to feature their works of art this season as a sign of support for original, local talent.

<Piti by Cendrillon> 
Origin: Toulouse, France. Driven by passion for craftsmanship and creation, Piti by Cendrillon results from a personal and professional passion of two persons, Cendrillon and Polo. Cendrillon (meaning Cinderella in French) and Polo traveled to Barcelona and met an incredible person whose nickname was Piti. She was a revelation for them so they decided to dedicate their creations to her. Together they were determined to bring fairy tales to life in their artistically thoughtful and vibrant accessories. Just like fairy tale magicians or wizards, little pieces of simple fabrics are matched with different ornaments such as mini utensils, wool, artificial resins, ribbons and pearls. Together they conjure up magical surprises full of colour and fun.

<Claire Naa>
Origin: France. Designer, Claire Naa, uses 14K gold plates in three of her accessories series, in which braille, Japanese origami and little animals have been its core inspiration. The Braille collection is simplistic yet the meaningful dotted aesthetic plays as the basis for the design. Accessories are tagged with different positive messages such as “Feel with Passion” and “Love with Madness”. The Little Animal series focuses on touch. The designer delicately uses soft touches of silk, wool or feather as the animal’s tail to exhibit contrast with their metallic bodies. For example, the adorable and rare Lily bird necklace has soft red feathers as adornments for its tail, the cuteness of the bird literally comes to life!

<Tina's Choice Elegance Collection>
Origin: Hong Kong. Hong Kong's jewellery design has long since reached international standards.  Besides going abroad, Tina's Choice likes to hunt for treasures in her own backyard. This time around, Tina has decided to edit her own Tina’s Choice Elegance Collection. This collection is simple, natural, elegant and graceful. Inspired by nature, the designer was particularly drawn to hydrangeas and dogwood for inspiration. The collection features neat and elegant earrings, rings and necklaces with flowers details representing purity, simplicity and youthful love. The materials used include sterling silver, rhodium, gold and cubic zirconia, synthetic ruby, artificial coral and black onyx just to name a few.

Origin: Normandy, France. Back in 1986 in France,  Mr L. meets Mrs L., a friend of Mr J., the creative bonding was obvious and gave birth to the fashion jewelry brand TARATATA. With their shared appeals of originality and creativity, those 3 free spirits conceived in their Normandy studios, cheerful, audacious and unusual collections. 28 years later Taratata’s creative team now includes 5 young designers whose inspirations continue to turn into impressive collections of beautiful bracelets, necklaces, rings, brooches and earrings seasons after seasons. One thing that never changes is that Taratata’s designs are based on “Happiness, Innovation and Uniqueness”. Taratata’s presence is global and in Hong Kong, gladly at Tina’s Choice’s 2 shops!

Tina Liu, has always appreciated brands with unique stories behind them. Tina believes that accessories are not just ornaments but statements to express personal stories. Gathering interesting brands from around the globe, Tina's Choice @ PMQ (pop-up shop) and Tina's Choice @ Lee Gardens One aim to inspire and excite style-conscious customers with the limitless charm that accessories can bring to one’s look and mood. Tina says, “Good taste doesn’t need to be costly. Hefty price tags do not equal good taste. The true value lies as synergy between the design and the wearer, and that’s most important.”

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