MM6 @ Private Guided Tour

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela was created in 1997, resdy when wear - liberal assembling of shapes and volumns. Free of orders and rules of how to wear the pieces or match their colours. All emphasis is on the garment in motion and not the clothing itself. Playful and in movement - Rules are broken, sartorial norms are played with. A sensitive touch, the garment's conception goes beyond its fabric identity. Its use and practicality are for a reason. The fabric is affected. Pieces can be altered, can adapt and accompany their wearer.

From the very beginning, the MM6 logo has been depicted by a hand forming the number 6 sign. Since then, this sign has traveled through time and space: Paris, London, Florence, New York, Seoul...Maison employees and friends alike contribute to the circulation of this sign against landscape backdrops, much like a postcards. It is from these images that the idea came to host the MM6 Private Guided Tour...A trip around the world of iconic images, cliches, cities in which MM6 stores were opened, always playing with touristic codes and stereotypes of large metropolises. 

MM6 Private Guided Tour celebrates the world of stores, travelling and souvenirs with an exhibition presenting an overview of the line: show videos, archive pieces and imagery, a display of iconic MM6 look: Touristic, holiday souvenir cliches like suitcase tags, key-rings, name it and now the exhibition is in Hong Kong ifc mall with three themes presented :

<Trompe-l'oel and prints>
Each season an emblematic print is developed through pieces in the collection: photos, details and images of the countries that host MM6 stores, Trompe-l'oeil is also a recurrent theme for MM6 and is often used for prints, shape and accessories.

BY reinterpreting shapes and volumn, MM6 plays with size - too big or too small - giving the clothing and additional use with a playful function, light and easy.

Minimalism dictates MM6;s fundamental appeal. Simple shapes, clean and pure cuts, vibrant primary colours and black and white are used as brand references.

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