FENDI FW2014/15 Women Collection

FENDI FW2014/15 women collection is pure eclecticism and layered luxury which is built around a harmonious blend of avant-garde experimentation and master artisanship. From sports to nature passing through couture, this collection highlights different sources of inspiration coexisting in surprising harmony. Sporty Chic & Poetically Shocking.

The pure elegance of ethereal fabrics, including chiffon, techno silk and velvet, combines with an unexpectedly fresh and dynamic city look. Galaxy and mimetic patterns stand out on aristocratic fabrics, like fluid silks and timeless loden. Crocodile trimmings alternate with lycra piping to create a unique and impactful style.

The juxtaposition of materials, tones, textures and workmanship methods enhances the playful alternation of lengths, cuts and volumes, taken to the extreme with clean lines. Ultra Mini - Long Maxi. The multi-level layering gives way to unexpected glimpses of nude skin, with the help of the armuré sensual transparent effects and high, ankle or thigh-high boots.

Increasingly expressive and versatile, fur is the protagonist of a journey which overcomes preconceived technical and aesthetic notions. Multi-coloured geometric patchworks reinterpret the mimetic face of the Earth seen from the Galaxy. The abstract mark of action-painted drops of silicon varnish or Swarovski crystals project the mysterious image of boundless constellations onto shearling, leather and mink. Sheared mink inlays engage the eye on long overcoats featuring vertigo and twist effect fox, beaver, marmot and rex rabbit furs on bomber jackets and parkas.

To be worn individually or overlaid, with a fresh orchid pinned on one side: a romantic touch inspired by Billie Holiday’s song He Gave Me Violets for my Fur. “Orchids will not last and nothing is more emotionally strong than things that will not last,” Karl Lagerfeld said. Fur is envisaged as a sublime and unexpected ornament on dresses and overcoats, as an asymmetric rebellious crest on the Maison’s new bag By the Way and as a triumphant add-on macro fun-furry helmets, maxi shawls and costume jewellery items.

The colour palette is exquisitely wintery, from black featured in all its nuances, to forest green, from burnt brown to intense prune and from coral red to bright pink, predominant in one of the season’s must-have items: the pink colour-block parka. Optical white and juicy colours add another layer of intrigue to details and accessories, creating sharp and vibrant contrasts and imbuing with glamour.

Fur Escape motif extends into accessories. The pure By the Way bag and elegant Mini Peekaboo adorned with sharp color gazelle fur, transforming the bags into a rebellious statement pieces.  The new Mini 3Jours and By the Way offer you the necessary space of a practical everyday bag. The fine calf body is renewed with wintry colors and wonderful details: Shearling handle for 3Jours and crocodile tail and color blocking handle for By the Way.
Ankle boots are fashion-forward and elegant with a masculine twist. An interesting contrast with the soft and romantic fresh orchid pin on fur coats.

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