Cath Kidston FW2014/15 @ Time For Change Collection

Cath Kidston AW2014/15 Collection make time for something new. The Time For Change collection features new  colour palette for your wardrobe. This theme is best reflected in the brand new-­‐yet-­‐retro Clocks conversational print range, a firm favourite for fall, which pairs beautifully with the Autumn Bloom flower, that Cath grows in her garden. Warm, autumnal colours such as cranberry and oat make way for cooler green and teal as the season progresses.

As Autumn turns to Winter, the days get shorter and the nights grow longer. The second key theme transitions to a deeper-­‐hued Townhouses print, with a cosy wintry mood that complements the Mews Ditsy small-­‐scale floral motifs, injected by cheerful colour pops of pink and red. Indulge in perfect prints for feeling toasty on a dark winter evening.

The third key theme is led by the cartoon Cops and Robbers graphic and the London Buses hero print, both brimming with Britishness and Cath Kidston wit. The new novelty prints match up with a new key floral pattern, Clifton Rose and a firm favorite, big Spot Charcoal, respectively.

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