BASTIEN GONZALEZ @ The One of A Kind Cloud 9 Foot Treatment

Bastien Gonzalez is known for his unique approach to foot treatments with his professional expertise and experience as a French Podiatrist, he has designed and developed exclusive unique treatments for feet, nails and hands that lies in the fusion of well-being and beauty. And this special treatment is only available is selected luxury locations around the world, including London, Monaco, Barcelona, New York Dubai and now it is opened at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Spa, Hong Kong. This award winning pedicure and manicure treatments led by Gonzalez's colleague, Albin Brion - the former sportsman just like Gonalez himself provide this exquisite treatment with professional advice and precise movements of touches on massaging. Of course, glamorously!

How much do you know about your own feet beside just having your manicure and pedicure done periodically? How affirmative that what your have been doing to your own feet were with the right method by treating them the way it should have been treated? Brion has more than the answer you need to let you know what and how your feet shall be taken care in good condition in luxury.

<Skin Treatment>
The key to Bastien Gonzalez treatments, gently removing corns, calluses and painful thickening of skin without damaging the epidermis.

<Nail Beauty> 
Any nail concerns including ingrowns, fungal problems and other issues are treated before they are strengthened, reshaped and buffered using special tools like miniscule drills tipped with diamond dust, and a unique polishing technique inherited from his grandmother with chamois leather and a pearl buffing cream, resulting in greater blood circulation to the nail and a brilliant natural shine.

A relaxing massage which is performed from toes up to the knee, and from fingers up to the elbow. As each muscle group is massaged individually, it eliminates tension and improves blood circulation, muscular flexibility, joint mobility and skin elasticity. A special technique re-plumps the fatty cushion on the balls of the feet, helping to absorb the impact of walking.

 A 60 minutes <Bastien Pedicure> performed by Brion for first timer is highly recommended. This overall pedicure with a nail treatment gently solves any problems with corns, calluses or rigidity of the epidermis and leaves the feet soft and fragrant and the nails naturally shiny. The ultimate in luxury makes you feeling like you are in cloud 9 after the treatment. Trust us, it is addictive!

There are some  prestigious Révérence de Bastien products, created in conjunction with French cosmetology specialists made with natural ingredients and essential oils and form the basis of any beauty ritual to extend your Bastien experience at home.

15 Queen’s Road Central,
The Landmark, Central, 
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2132 0188

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