BALLY FW2014 @ The Real Women Collection

Luxury in its purest form creates an essential wardrobe for a real woman in Bally’s FW2014 collection. The first collection debut of Pablo Coppola, Bally’s new Creative Director, marks a clear direction redefining the brand’s incredible heritage into an innovative language. Featuring the iconic ‘90s models Emma Balfour and Kirsten Owen, Langley Fox Hemingway from the family of Ernest Hemingway, and Tao Okamoto, the female lead in The Wolverine, the lookbook this season speaks for a modern and authentically sophisticated lifestyle.

Emma Balfour, one of the faces of the Grunge and Heroin Chic era. In 2009, she successfully made her comeback in the age of 39, and is loved by international labels until now.

Langley Fox Hemingway, the great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, daughter of actress Mariel Hemingway, and sister of model Dree. Fox is also an up-and-coming artist who enjoys mixing art and fashion.

Tao Okamoto, a famous Japanese model and actress. In 2013, she made her film debut alongside with Hugh Jackman as the female lead in The Wolverine.

Kirsten Owen, the iconic ’90s model, her grunge style and aesthetic is what pioneered the lifestyle and culture publications into the mainstream. Even now she’s shooting editorials and walking in countless shows around the world.

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