Opera House Italian Restaurant & Bistrot Launches 2014 Autumn Menu

Opera House Italian Restaurant & Bistrot launches its 2014 Autumn menu with a more sophistication and disembark on a culinary tour of Italian city flavors with Executive Chef Alberto Alboreggia. Since its opening a couple of months ago, additional dishes had been added to the menu periodically. While Autumn is in the air, our palette also evolve by the changes of our preference to suit our mood in finding the balance. Opera House has something for everyone......

<Opera House Four Colors Risotto>
A magnificent dish celebrating the exotic hues and flavors of Italy. With four portions of differently colored risotto presented on the same plate, this culinary novelty is a tribute to its four Italian regions - LiguriaPiedmonteCampania and Sicily,each unique with its own distinctive flavors, staple ingredients and cooking styles. This "Master of Risotto” is the brainchild of Executive Chef Alberto Alboreggia. One dish, four different taste to satisfy everyone's palette. A Must try!

<Spinach Tagliatelle, Sea Scallop Wild Asparagus & Pumpkin Amaretto Sauce>
Homemade spinach tagliatelle is made of organic egg yolks and fresh spinach, providing beautiful texture and color to the tagliatelle. Homemade orange pumpkin amaretto sauce is a perfect match of the crunchy wild asparagus from Tuscany and the fresh sea scallops from Hokkaido. The Tagliatelle was a little overcooked when served. The freshness of the Hokkaido sea scallop enhanced the Pumpkin amaretto Sauce.

<Grilled Italian Sea Bass, Lightly Spicy Tomato & Wild Baby Spinach>
Pan-fired Orbetello Sea bass from the deep sea of Italy is paired with Tuscany spinach and green Brussels cabbage from Belgium. The base for this light, invigorating main course is highlighted by its homemade lightly spicy tomato sauce, garlic, basil, apple vinegar and Sorrento lemon juice. It gives several flavors in one bite. A good combination in balancing the taste of each ingredient used.

<Grilled “Black Angus” beef tenderloin Rossini Style, Pan-Fried Goose Liver, 
Truffle Mash Potato & Hollandaise Sauce>
A rather complex presentation yet the tender and juicy Black Angus beef tenderloin from the south west of Australia on top of the truffle mash potato is served with French foie gras. The flavor of the dish is amazingly paired with the blueberry sauce and the hollandaise sauce made from Italian butter and organic eggs. With wild baby spinach on the side and a hint of Sicilian sea salt, it is surely a satisfying dish for beef lovers. A rich serve to satisfy a hungry horse.

Tried & Tested
Ambience : 3/5
Food : 4/5
109-111 Queen’s Road East, 
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2520 6677/6678

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