In Conversation With @ Kelvin Wan & Joyce Wong - Designer of WAN & WONG Fashion

JOYCE launches the "Talent Shop" in collaboration with Hong Kong Design Institute at Joyce Cares PMQ recently. Following on from the successful "Upcycle Project" with the Institute of Textile & Clothing (ITC), JOYCE CARES - a unique sustainability platform that aims at nurturing upcoming artists and designers, channeling its creative spirit into philanthropy; JOYCE CARES extends the Joyce experience to the community by collaborating with emerging young talents on sustainable projects. The project is part of Joyce's on going mission to promote sustainability and corporate social responsibility through partnership with local institutions while providing retail support and opportunities to aspiring designers and visionaries. JOYCE has pledged HKD$10,000 worth of financial sponsorship to each brand in addition to an opportunity to retail their collections at JOYCE CARES PMQ unit from August to October 2014 in all areas of retail, including operations, visual merchandising, marketing and business planning. Doe designers Kelvin Wan & Joyce Wong from WAN & WONG Fashion told mylifestylenews the journey for being a fashion designer is a winding road......

Wan & Wong Fashion is a fashion label founded in spring 2013, our philosophy returns to the minimalist style - clean cuts and sharp lines combined with soft color, resulting in unique silhouettes with modern senses and new proportions.

Promotion and marketing support is what we need as Hong Kong being an international city playing an essential market in fashion. With fast fashion dominates the market, we need more promotional platform like PMQ or FFF by introducing Hong Kong designers to greater audiences.

Joyce x HKDI Talent Shop may possible helps in promoting the local fashion scene in a short period of time. However, we believe that Joyce and HKDI have a strong marketing team to help boosting in publicity. Meanwhile, we too have quite a few existing coverage from the local media support.

Wan & Wong Fashion will explore China market especially in Beijing in the year to come and we will be in participating in HKTDC trade show next January.

What's lacking in Hong Kong fashion scene is the local focus too much on trend and lacking in their very own style. Since fast fashion is dominating the market, there are too much similarity in style. People shall be more open minded instead.

The challenge in being a fashion designer in Hong Kong is really hard to get people attention of your design concept and inspiration. People only focus on finding the existing garments instead forgot the style that could bring out the best in them.

Fashion is a kind of element to explore our feeling. We always try to bring out some messages from the garments that we created.

When we design, we don't design either trend or style. We believe in classic and timeless design, this is what we would like to tell our audience.

There isn't much room for us to explore and to determine or selling price point to justify our work. The market is huge out there and that is really a big challenge.

As a Fashion designer, we hope we can let people know more about sustainable fashion.

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