PRADA @ FW2014/15 Men Collection

PRADA FW2014/15 Men Collection has completely changed attitude compared to previous years, and the new direction is impressive. The introverted, intimist, and almost solitary show is filled with individual characters.

The point of departure is the showroom set designed as an experimental, informal stage  inspired by Pina Bausch's avant-garde theater in the seventies and eighties. Act I of this  performance also features 13 women's looks.

The music is a compilation of German songs  played by Frédéric Sanchez accompanied by a live woodwind ensemble completes the  atmosphere. 

The creative process required work on each piece and a search for something new and  experimental in every detail.

There is a remarkable use of light fabrics and even lined textiles that preserve their delicacy such as crepe de chine and stretch georgette for the women's looks. For men, the choice is gabardine, silk twill, and mohair/silk blends, and also crepe de chine for shirts.

The slim, sleek silhouette is shabby-chic yet elegant and inspired by uniforms, especially  those worn by military bands. Clothes have a utilitarian look, harnesses appear made of padded nylon and shearling or fur.

 Trim is used extensively as detail, even in a contrasting color.  The somber and moody color palette includes shades of aviator blue, gray, mauve, and teal.

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