PYE Celebrates 30 Years Of Innovation With An Online Project

 PYE -  Men’s Shirt Specialist celebrates 30 years of innovation with an online project. It is a fresh start, a moment of purity and a brave new world. That’s the conundrum that premium men’s shirt specialist PYE is asking people to answer as part of an online project celebrating the brand’s 30th anniversary.

It’s a particularly fitting question for PYE to pose as creating the perfect white shirt is the bedrock upon which the brand was built. And while each new collection expands PYE’s shirt-making philosophy with bold new colours and designs, the white shirt remains at the core of the brand’s DNA.

Taking part is easy: starting in mid-October 2014, visit the newly launched website follow the steps and explain what ‘white’ means to you. With such a wide variety of connotations, from the metaphorical and cultural to the personal and literal, the possibilities are nigh endless.

As well as contributing to this project, those who participate will receive a special gift. To celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary, PYE has created 30 variations on the classic white handkerchief, which show the versatility of white through a range of different shades, textures and finishes. Each day, for 30 days, PYE will select its favourite definition of white. The winning participant will receive these special handkerchiefs as an exclusive gift for their participation. Results can be followed at:

For PYE, white represents the past, present and future of the brand, from the high-quality cotton produced using eco-friendly and socially responsible practices, to the crisp brilliance of a newly pressed white shirt, to the blank canvas on which the next design will be sketched. Since its launch in 1984, PYE has been at the forefront of innovation in technology, sustainability and design, and it continues to push those boundaries as it celebrates three decades of stylish progress.

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