inzpire Beauty @ A Journey With Zero Limits

When you go to a beauty spa, beside indulging yourself with a relaxation treatment, a place to get inspired would be a plus. inzpire Beauty with an all new Bali resort theme within the newly renovated center for an enhanced vacation vibe is one of the few which welcome men for treatment. 

Silkpeel is one of the signature treatment for men in this beauty spa, it cleanses the skin with their diamond technology by removing 30 to 35 mircon levels of thick cuticle. Color imbalances are thus removed and painless usage of air vacuum instead of needle cleansing efficiently removes dirt and oil trapped in the pores.

Essence are also injected to cure the cleansed pores and fill it with nutrients for better regeneration. Effective with acnes, holes and sensitivity.

inzpire Beauty uses 100% organic Hungary products, all naturally produced from extractions of vegetables, herbs and flowers. Matched with spring waters, a lot of nutrients are included in their spa programs through petal, fruit, fruit jam and fruit skin treatments who makes them unique from others.

21 A-B, 2F Drake Building
Granville Street, Tsim Sha Tsui
Kowloon Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2367 1678

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