Jean Paul Gaultier @ ‘CLASSIQUE’ Eau De Parfum Intense

Jean Paul Gaultier took the corset and turned it into a weapon of mass seduction.  For women, it took their breath away It became an item of fine lingerie, worn confidently on the outside to flatter what was underneath. In 1993, he drew inspiration from the intimacy of the boudoir and its rice powder vapours to compose his first fragrance: an olfactory signature in perfect harmony with its stunningly curved bottle. A vaporous trail, a triumphant concentration of femininity. Now an icon of perfumery, ‘Classique’ by Jean Paul Gaultier has reinvented itself in an unprecedented variation, Eau de Parfum Intense. With her black-lined eyes, scandalously red mouth and heels perched on stilettos, the 1950s femme fatale has always inspired Jean Paul Gaultier. A magnetic creature radiating with glamour, a collective fantasy, she plays with all the codes of seduction. From her silk stockings to the way she holds her head, she radiates with glamour. She is a strong-minded woman who never fails to provoke a reaction. Her beauty overwhelms anyone who dares lay eyes on her. In 2014, our Venus ‘Classique’ embodies a new role as ‘Classique’ Intense, a scented interpretation of the femme fatale so dear to Gaultier. She plunges her hourglass waist, sculptural hips and conquering bust into a golden corset that delicately blends transparency and opacity to form a spectacular armour. This new olfactory interpretation borrows its features from Rianne ten Haken. In the film ‘On the Docks’ released in 2013, Rianne already embodied the Eau de Toilette version of ‘Classique’. In the role of a sultry vixen, she leads the dance from atop her balcony to seize her sailor from the bow of his boat and lead him to her mouth. Chiselled by Jacques Cavallier in 1993, ‘Classique’ imposed absolute femininity despite a trend towards androgyny in perfumery. Rose essence, orange blossom, ambery woods and a touch of addictive vanilla combined to create the olfactory signature of the ‘Classique’ woman. Olfactory designer Francis Kurkdjian, creator of ‘Le Male’ and faithful partner of the House fragrances, carefully studied each accord of the legendary ‘Classique’ trail to compose the Intense version. He took care to undo each tie of the scent’s olfactory corset in order to better grasp its spine. ‘Classique’ Intense couldn’t settle for being a mere concentrated version. It needed to find its own radiance. Its own beat. Its incandescent luminosity.

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