NUXE @ Merveillance® expert Sking Care Range

NUXE Merveillance® expert Sking Care Range is the marvel of marvels. At the heart of a newly uncovered flower, the Daylily, Laboratoire NUXE has discovered molecules that are capable of acting on a key protein of aging that has, so far, been almost unexplored in cosmetics. Merveillance® expert offers an amazingly effective weapon to help diminish
wrinkles and combat loss of firmness.

Completely new, this is a marvelous range of expert skin care for women over the age of forty with all skin types. Recognized as No. 1* in anti-aging skin care since 2012 by the IMS panel, the official source of pharmacy sales, Nuxe never loses sight of its ambitions: a constant quest to improve its formulas. This is the reason for the launch of Merveillance® expert in 2014.

Aliza Jabès, CEO of NUXE, explains: “NUXE is all about increasingly demanding scientific expertise, constant research and innovation in floral based cosmetics®. In the case of Merveillance® expert, the innovation process is based on 3 main points: 1) The identification of a new key cause of aging, vimentin, a protein found in the fibroblasts. 2) The discovery of molecules with unique properties inside a flower that has never before been used in cosmetics, Daylily. 3) The use of an exclusive and environmentally-friendly extraction technology, based on more than 20 years of expertise in plant oils, that preserves all of the plant’s active hydroliphilic and lipophilic molecules. All of these advances have enabled NUXE to invent a powerful and completely new range for women who are still young and are seeking to alleviate the signs of aging.

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