H&M Autumn 2014 @ Men & Women Collection

H&M Autumn 2014 women collection is playful yet sophisticated spirit of the 21st century Bohemian look with effortless, charming and always ready for the night. The return of the slip dress as a wardrobe staple, held on thin straps and worn on its own or for layering. Lace appears elsewhere for insets and borders. Pieces adopted from menswear add the sleekness of tailoring through blazers, or the attitude of leather biker jackets.

A drapped top with matching trousers is the new suit. The exposed shoulder is a focus, both with off-the-shoulder and one shoulder looks. A new width in trousers, often trimmed with tuxedo details for permanent night-time elegance. Silk crepe and chiffon for the most delicate slip dresses. Leather, either patent with a glossy shine, distressed and worn-looking, or metallic. Fake fur, patchworked together, velvet, for tops, dress and an evening take on the trackpant. Fine cashmere gives both softness and transparency in tanks, sweaters and dresses.

The men collection is about the wardrobe of the modern mod, mixing Parisian cool with the attitude of London and the sleekness of New York. The pieces are worn with a rebellious attitude, with updated biker and wool city coats. Leather adds rock’n’roll spirit, from a black leather biker to leather trousers, while classics have new youthful energy, especially the check flannel shirt worn untucked. Staples are given a fresh update, such as the elongated bomber that extends to mid-thigh. Padded outdoor pieces add a sense of urban protection, while zips add sharp detail. The three-button blazer with skinny lapels works everywhere, from day to night. Crewneck sweaters in mohair blends add a contrasting texture, while tailored trackpants are the trouser choice. Zips as both functional and decorative items, traditional tailoring techniques, such as jet or welt pockets, hybrid garments fuse together the classics of menswear.

Leather for the new urban outlook.
Wool for 21st century updates traditional garments.
Cotton for the sharpest shirts.
Nylon and padded fabrics for future-now feel.
Mohair blends for texture.

A strict colour palette for the city, focused on black, greys and whites.

Sequin and stone embroidery, laced knits, cord and grosgrain details, asymmetric hems, intricate patchwork effects.

Pointed boots with either a low or high heel come in metallic or patchworked leather, mules, caps trimmed with fake fur.

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