In conversation with Pauline Y. & NAM T. @ Designer of A Tentative Atelier

JOYCE launches the "Talent Shop" in collaboration with Hong Kong Design Institute at Joyce Cares PMQ recently. Following on from the successful "Upcycle Project" with the Institute of Textile & Clothing (ITC), JOYCE CARES - a unique sustainability platform that aims at nurturing upcoming artists and designers, channeling its creative spirit into philanthropy; JOYCE CARES extends the Joyce experience to the community by collaborating with emerging young talents on sustainable projects. The project is part of Joyce's on going mission to promote sustainability and corporate social responsibility through partnership with local institutions while providing retail support and opportunities to aspiring designers and visionaries. JOYCE has pledged HKD$10,000 worth of financial sponsorship to each brand in addition to an opportunity to retail their collections at JOYCE CARES PMQ unit from August to October 2014 in all areas of retail, including operations, visual merchandising, marketing and business planning. mylifestylenews hear their voices of why being a Hong Kong fashion designer needs more support from various platforms......

We started in 2012 after working a few years in fashion industry, we wanted to express our vision in fashion then we found a place in an industrial building and set up our own workshop in Hong Kong and to start our collection. Everything happened in such a short period of time. 

The local fashion scene totally need funding support as well as a platform like showroom or boutique to showcase our work.

"Joyce Talent Shop" provided us a platform even just for a short period of time. When you look at London fashion scene, the  London Fashion Council does quite a bit of promotion, provide a channel to support their local designers during fashion week in London or even in Paris fashion scene. Media exposure is also essential especially for new designers, they are some Chinese designer had established their names and doing successful in London, Paris and Milan, thanks to the power of media publicity.

A funding support for helping fashion designers set up the brand and this is what happen to China and other foreign countries right now. Frankly, the financial support is greater from what was anticipated to initiate and run a fashion label. Hence, a funding foundation for any nominated designers would be a great aids.

Any fashion related project is a good exposure for designers, it is just depend on how you promote it. Joyce is a leading international boutique, this project shows they begin to care for the local fashion scene and provide a farther opportunities to the local talents, it is also a good opportunity to bring the Hong Kong designers to another level.

Hong Kong fashion scene is lacking of personality. Hong Kong people follow the trend quite closely and put themselves to look like they just walk out from the window display. There isn't much soul in their style. Besides, independent boutiques and select shops is becoming less and less in Hong Kong and left only the big retail stores survive.

The challenge being a Hong Kong designer is to have enough finance and time to run your own label. 

Fashion is a channel for us to express our art vision.

We do not follow the trend to design our clothes but we do review the trend as a reference because you won't survive if you outreach the fashion boundaries while you design the clothes.

The selling price point in Joyce is according to our retailer's selling price standard. We have marked down a little, the calculation usually is 2 to 2.5 times mark up from our cost to the buyers and it varies sometimes.

We never have thought of the achievement for a fashion designer. Since our brand is established, we would like to have our own store one day.

A Tentative Atelier was established by design duo Nam T. and Pauline Y. in 2012. Based between Hong Kong and UK, the label does not just focus on fashion and is a platform to showcase the spirit and tradition of craftsmanship. The design team is supported by tailors and machinists who are considered the last remaining generation of Shanghai artisans. The collections are divided into two lines consisting of an artisanal collection and a more wearable line which were presented in Paris Fashion Week.

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