VILEBREQUIN @ A Tale of Four Seasons

VILBREQUIN  - A Tale of Four Seasons is calling for all swimming fans and to make you dive all year round. < A Tale of Spring> Nature has been in turmoil and calls for weekends of enjoyment in the countryside. Singing birds and the scent of blooming trees, accompany long country walks, Pastoral prints invite themselves into your wardrobe.

<A Tale of Summer> 
A hymm to relaxation, the holiday time has come! On route yo the beach, the spirited palm trees open up the way. Tuning into the sound of tropical rhythms, one can savour delicious fruity cocktails. Feet are up and totally relaxed on comfortable beach chairs, beneath colourful beach umbrellas, fine sand and endless ocean, the scenery is a postcard  that you never get tired of. Tanned  bodies are striping off and are offset against the "Tutti fruitti" prints.

<A Tale of Autumn>
Autumn resplendent with the colours of an Indian summer, where red leaves clash with the blue sky. The harvest choreography can begin. The first frosts will inspire more than one person to warm themselves up with a glass of fine wine, precious times shared with friends or lovers, swimming in the gentle currents of a river or in the pool.

< A Tale of Winter>
If you are not travelling to laces where the sun is shining, you may be enjoying the frosty season on the slopes, The joys of sledging, slaloms between the tall trees and convivial evenings around the fire. And for Christmas, what could be more delightful than finding a new swimming costume under the tree.

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