ISSEY MIYAKE New Fragrance @ L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme 2015 Oceanic Expeditions

Issey Miyake new frgrance - L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme 2015 Oceanic Expeditions is an inner journey, an advocate of movement of the lightness of the body, of pure radical lines and enveloping shapes, Issey Miyake has always created fragrances "for oneself": timeless, unique fragrances, which express emotion. Since L’Eau d’Issey (1992), his guiding light has been absolute emotion, emotion above all else. The Japanese designer has invented fragrances of pure emotion, without embellishments or mannerisms, like a straightforward fantasy that is an experience every time. Each fragrance has a simple, rigorous formula; it is clear, structured, giving free rein to pure emotion. The essential is the ultimate luxury, excellence revealed in the nothing. And, because the olfactory “writing” is visible, the emotions are strong! His fragrances lack arrogance and have a poetic modernity that captures the spirit of the quest and exploration. An exploration of oneself, firstly: one’s emotions, feelings. The experience of oneself through fragrance. A reinvigorating freshness that makes the pure air tremor, a blast of wind signalled by the effervescent force of grapefruit, petitgrain and bergamot, and the metallic aspect of the zest (the ozone in the air). There is Cascalone® for the freshness of the sea, enriched with neroli and zingy ginger. For the muffling effect of the fog on the ocean, the immense clouds: a shot of white musks. The simplicity of the construction creates fluidity.The movement of the boat, perhaps.

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