ANNA SUI @ 2015 Beach Collection Nail Color

ANNA SUI 2015 Beach Collection introduces a line of dramatic nail polishes with specialized textures & colors that will help you paint your own story! It is not just various colors, this collection introduces new & unique textures. From on-trend colors to shiny glitters & pearls to everything in between. The Haute mood achieve any look with fashion forward colors that put the focus on nails.

Now, you'll hear the bells ringing…It’s your calling- the beginning of your story. This new feeling is so exciting! It’s time!! Ring whichever bell fits your mood, then put on your favorite shoes, clothes, and accessories. Head to your special place and you’re sure to find yourself! The story begins at your fingertips… A dramatic nail color line that dazzles with various textures and a splendid color array!

A fashion-forward array of colors and textures totally coordinate your fingertips with a variety of colors and textures. Gorgeous like jewelry, sweet like dessert, or light as a feather… Introducing a nail color collection that will create any story you desire!

Resists peeling + Longer lasting color & shine. The thick, fast-drying base leaves a bump-free high-shine finish. At the same time, the formula applies evenly without going outside of lines- so translucent or pigment, it’s easy to get a pro-like finish. The finish maintains a level of flexibility throughout wear-time to prevent chips & cracks for a long-lasting beautiful finish.

A luxurious, finely beveled bell design. From announcing a start to ceremonial use to indicating time, bells have always been rung to signify something important. These colorful bells signify the beginning of your story. Delicate Tea Rose Scent. The scent of tea roses elevates nail-painting time to an elegant affair.

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